Zaplana Experience

Zaplana is a hilly karst plateau southeast from Ljubljana, above Vrhnika. It is a remote, peaceful and wild part of Slovenia, where small settlements and lone homesteads dot the meadows, and deep forests are covering most of the hills.

There is an ongoing effort to revitalize an old farming homestead, preserving ways of life as they once were.

We were invited to do a kite aerial photography session catching this remote and beautiful place from above.

Since the homestead is on a small ridge, the winds were unpredictable and as wild as the nature all around, enabling us to get most of the shot in one session – a terrifying, rodeo-like fight with the Great white delta dancing up and down, swinging left and right and threatening to dive into the forest.

It was beautiful. And if you find yourself in Ljubljana, don’t miss the tranquil, cool, beautiful, unspoilt Zaplana!

Kite aerial photos shot with Nikon P330 on the Great white delta kite.

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