World Wide KAP Week Part II. – Ljubljana Marshes

Kite aerial photographers are prone to exaggeration, and World Wide KAP Week 2019 is no exception: it’s a week that lasts for three weeks. So as we went to the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park to test the Giant Wiener Doggo Kite, we had just enough time to do a quick kite aerial photo session. The almost-autumn sun was low, the shadows were getting longer, and a soft, warm light was embracing the Marshes …

The kite testing grounds are rather far from any particular landmark (if something goes wrong, we don’t trample on delicate ecosystems and the rogue kite don’t get entangled into something historical), so this KAP session was more or less just for fun.

The wind was strong, the kite line was singing, and what better way to enhance its song than with something we kiters really like:

Anyways, the Ljubljana Marshes are beautiful, even more so from the air – so enjoy!

Kite aerial photos shot with Nikon P330 on a dr.agon BW90 mini delta, and on a Rokkaku.

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