Who Flew Higher?

After the fantastic KAP session above Lake Cerknica – that brought us to the even more fantastic story of Magnificent Margie, check it out! – we were going through the big heap of photos when our eyes suddenly lit up.

Notice something on this kite aerial shot of a huge meander od Stržen creek, temporarily submerged as the intermittent Lake Cerknica is full and almost at its largest extent?

Yes, it’s a kite. A rokkaku, a traditional hexagonal japanese kite – only this particular one is made of ripstop nylon and carbon rods and braided polyester string. It’s The Original Blue, the pride of Dr.Agon kites and its chief kite maker, Janez Vizjak.

It’s slowly climbing above the lake, enjoying a bit naughty, unpredictable, and gusty wind, for it is the best and the most stable lifter there are. Being 200 cm tall and 160 cm wide, it’s a rather large classical Rok.

And of course it is carrying a camera.


A Nikon P330 suspended from the kite line on a picavet rig some 50 meters below the kite

The Original Blue went to work and brought back photos like these from up there.

But the kite that took shots of The Original Blue in action still flew higher: Cindy delta, a 3 m wide and 1.5 m tall delta with a dynamic spreader, perfect for stronger and gustier winds, carrying the Insta360 camera.

Spot the kites!

Here they are!

Cindy won this time … but the battle for the ultimate ruler of the skies is far from over! 🙂

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