Trilobite Fight!

One of the missions of Kite society KAP Jasa is, as stated in our foundation charter, development and promotion of kite culture in Slovenia.

So it’s not unusual to see a trilobite kite in the sky above Tivoli park, Ljubljana, piloted by one of our members – bringing joy to kids and awe to passers-by.

One sunny Saturday afternoon a trilobite was basking in the late November sun, riding the rollercoaster of turbulences above the park. Like the scores of onlookers it was oblivious to everything but the sun and the wind, immersing itself completely in the pure joy of flying.

Little did it know there was another trilobite lurking, sneakingly and cunningly aiming to take the sky for itself – for there can be only one trilobite ruling the blue abode of winds over Tivoli.

A vicious trilobite fight ensued – sharp turns, daring dives, terrible crashes; lines crossing, tails tangling, heads bashing …

… and then there was only one.

Just kidding, of course – both trilobites flew proudly side by side, kids were running after them, dogs were barking at them, people were pointing at them, smiling, taking photos, and a lot of necks were hurting after the show.

It was a perfect kite flying afternoon in Tivoli park – and the kite culture in Slovenia grew a little stronger. Hurrah to us! 🙂

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