The Triple Confluence

Just east of Ljubljana, between the villages of Dol and Podgrad, there is an interesting natural phenomenon – a triple river confluence. In a couple hundred meters two rivers flow into Sava river, first Kamniška Bistrica from left and then Ljubljanica from right.

Looking west towards Ljubljana

We tried to get this triple confluence from a kite a couple of times now (well, seven times), and this attempt was the best so far …

After the take-off Sava river shyly emerges behind a flood forest, one of the last remnants of this ecosystem type.

These hills into which Sava cut her escape mark the eastern boundary of the large Ljublana basin.

While the riverbed of Sava was straightened up in late 19th century, Ljubljanica that enters from right still retains its slow, meandering flow over the flat bottom of the basin.

The soil of the northeastern part of Ljubljana basin is fertile and it has been cultivated since times immemorial. Neolithic graveyards, Roman villas (one of which we got with our infrared camera!), and remains of early Slavic settlements dot the land.

Fields near the village of Dol pri Ljubljani

Shadows of the clouds

Fields full of grain …

Sava river hiding behind the forest

The expedition HQ … two rokkakus rest after a KAP session, and you can spot a small sled dancing in the wind.

And while doing KAP, we got another kid hooked to kites! 🙂

Kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on a Blue rokkaku, and with Nikon P330 on a Great white delta.

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