The Spark and the Rainbow

Our Old Blue Rokkaku was getting really old, and since it was the very first kite made by kitemaster Janez Vizjak of Dr.Agon kites, it was decided to preserve it before it would be lost in some freak kite accident. But we need a low-wind lifter, so master Vizjak made a new one called The Spark: a 2 m by 1,55 m Sanyo Rokkaku,

The venerable Blue Rok (left) and The Spark

We went to Ljubljana Marshes kite proving grounds for the first KAP session of The Spark – and what a test flight it was!

We didn’t bother much with pointing the camera – we probably shot this place from all possible heights and angles and lighting conditions – we just let The Spark go up to the end of the line, pulled it back down …

… changed the camera angle, adjusted the bridle, and kept repeating: up to the end of the line …

…. back down, change the camera angle, adjust the bridle some more, up to the end of the line …

… when suddenly:

A storm happened upon us. It developed in minutes, moved quickly in our direction, and announced itself with an ominous thunder. And suddenly we found ourselves holding not just a kite line, but a 350 m long lightning rod!

See the speck on the cloud in the centre? That’s The Spark!

When something like this happens – it shouldn’t, but sometimes the weather catches you by surprise – there’s not much one can do. There was no time to reel the kite back safely, so we tied The Spark to an anchor, got our cameras ready in case of disaster, and waited the storm to pass, hoping The Spark will be fine.

Poor little Spark seen from the safety of the car

And luckily it was all fine. The storm gave us just a glancing blow, no lightning hit the kite, and while it was all wet, it rode the storm winds valiantly – even the camera was still working when we finally pulled it down!

See how the rain comes and goes, but The Spark is rock steady and the camera is kept pointed in pretty much the same direction!

It was a huge test for our new KAP lifter, and it passed it with flying colours. Even the Nature herself was impressed, and apologised for the storm with this beauty:

We can confidently say: The Spark is ready to do serious KAP! 🙂

All kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on The Spark Sanyo Rokkaku.

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