Summer on the Moor

Iška Moor nature reserve, a specially protected part of Ljubljana Marshes landscape park, is one of the last remnants of vast moors that once covered the entire southern part of Ljubljana Basin.

Different colours of vegetation in Iška Moor nature reserve.

It is a unique ecosystem, one of the finest still extant example of damp marshy grasslands in the Ljubljana Marshes, and the largest connected area of a highly endangered grassland habitat type – the humid Molinietum grasslands. Iška Moor is a crucial habitat for several bird species endangered across Europe and the world, such as the corn crake (Crex crex).

We visited Iška Moor in late March, and we were eager to see it in the height of the summer. As the rains this summer were quite abundant, the moor was shining in lush greens.

Thick marshy forest in the nothern part of the Moor.

Even carefully managed this nature reserve is under threat of various invasive plants, the giant goldenrod (Solidago gigantea) being the most aggresive and visible.

Yellow flower of the invasive goldenrod spreading on the Moor.

Northern border of Iška Moor nature reserve. Cornfields are all around.

The winds were not so cooperative this time – the Delta was doing its crazy dances and we had to bring it down soon, and the Rokkaku had to be coerced to fly above the ground turbulences.

An exhausted KAPer has enough of Rokkaku’s shenanigans.

A visit to Iška Moor – Iški morost in Slovene – is a great afternoon trip from Ljubljana, with an informative trail and a bird-watching hut. It is managed by DOPPS – Birdlife Slovenia.

A cozy little trail through the Ljubljana Marshes near Iška Moor.

All kite aerial photos taken with Canon A810 flying with Great White Delta and Rokkaku kite.

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