Soaring Through the Crowd

We’ve already told you about the spectacular Jesolo Beach & Kite festival and the incredible aerial jam that the countless kites created in the gorgeous skies above Lido di Jesolo.

But how does it feel to be up there with all the creatures of the air?

Magnificent, we’d say.

To experience that we just had to rig a camera on a kite and let it soar … We have some miles on our KAP odometer as kite aerial photographers, but letting the kite go up among all the lines was still incredibly nerve-racking. Of course, you know what your kite will do (especially if it’s a Rokkaku), but you have no idea what mood the other flying stuff is in; even the most basic designs, such as deltas and flowforms, each have their own way of dealing with the wind, not to mention the fantastic and imaginative flying designs of the great kite masters.

Nervousness gave way to jealousy when the kite with the camera settled high above the beach of Jesolo.

How nice is it to be up there, relaxing on a pillow of winds …

When you’re flying, the puffy little clouds look like something you could step on and burrow into like the softest mattress imaginable.

And up there the sky is full of your flying friends, enjoying the sun and the wind and the views …

The masters of the acrobatic kites saw our KAP rig and let their colourful stacks perform on camera …

And only from high above one can appreciate the sheer size of Jesolo Beach & Kite festival, sprawling on a mile and a half of the sandy strip by the Adriatic sea.

Again – chapeau to Filippo Gallina and the team. Congratulations for the most amazing festival we’ve ever been to!

Kite aerial photos shot with Insta360 on The Sumo Fighter Rokkaku, and with Nikon P330 on The Spark Rokkaku.

7 thoughts on “Soaring Through the Crowd”

  1. A great display in a wonderful place to fly. Your photos are excellent (as always). There were some impressive items there, including the “sculptures” on the beach. Thanks for showing your work.

    • Oh yes – you were right there among the big stuff; we either had to walk ‘for miles’ to get there or let it fly really high to catch that show …

      Next time! 😉

  2. Fantastic aerial shots,. It was indeed a festival to cherish for a lifetime.
    I have never experienced anything large like it as l come from a tiny lsland and our largest beach would be half the length of the flying area. Lovely write up.


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