Same, but Different

Yes, it’s Ljubljana Marshes landscape park. Again.

Yes, it’s Iški Morost nature reserve. Again 🙂

But wait – this KAP session was from the other end of this magical place! 😉

As if it matters up there, 250 m above the moor …

It was a glorious November afternoon, and the vistas were … immense.

The Marshes, the fields, the hills … Ljubljana in the distance, and the Alps even further …

Even Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, was clearly visible reigning above them all …

The wind was strong and steady, so we put two kites up there.

Cindy delta carried Insta360, The Original Blue rokkaku took Nikon P330 to the sky.

While Insta260 on Cindy delta performed flawlessly, the old Nikon had a settings problem. We shan’t tell who set the settings wrong, but we know who he is … See for yourself what he did:

It’s a pity, the camera is great and the photos would be amazing …. would be.

There is no comparison, right …

But as they say, better luck – and careful preparation – next time!

The sun went down, the shadows grew longer …

… and the glorious windy day ….

… slowly turned into evening. It was an afternoon to remember 🙂

Kite aerial photos shot with Insta360 on Cindy delta, and with NikonP330 on The Original Blue rokkaku, both kites made by Janez Vizjak of Dr.Agon kites.

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