Planina karst field

This is river Unica in Planina karst field, the penultimate apparition of a most wondrous river with seven (!) names.


This river starts its flow in Prezid karst field on Slovenian – Croatian border as *Trbuhovica* (1) stream. It sinks into the limestone, flows underground and appears again as *Obrh* (2) in Lož karst field.

Obrh sinks into Golobina cave, and emerges as *Stržen* (3) in Cerknica field, where it is co-responsible for the intermittent Lake Cerknica’s ups and downs.

Stržen dissapears in the maze of Mala and Velika Karlovica caves and then sees the light again as *Rak* (4) in the wild Rakov Škocjan karst valley, sinking into Tkalca cave.

Rak joins its forces with *Pivka* (5) river (which is coming from Postojna cave) in an unique underground confluence inside Planina cave – and it bursts out as *Unica* (6), meandering (and sometimes flooding) the Planina karst field.

Unica flows into sinkholes at the end of the field and emerges, for the last time, as *Ljubljanica* (7).

A convoluted path indeed for such a lovely and tranquil river, that spends most of its time deep underground! 🙂

Photo taken with Nikon 1 J1, lifted by a Royal 69 sled kite.

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