New Guy in the Sky

We are oftentimes waxing poetically about our first KAP kite, the Venerable Blue Rokkaku.

The constant praising of the old kite even while flying new(er) ones, and an opportunity of someone of us having a birthday, prompted the indomitable Janez Vizjak, founder, chief kite designer and kite maker of Dr.Agon kites, to make another Rokkaku just like the old one – and better.

And so a present came …

… and got unwrapped …

We present you – the New Blue Rokkaku!

We had to test it and surely as ever when a new kite is made, there was absolutely no wind anywhere.

But since a rokkaku of this size – 200 by 160 cm – can fly in extremely low winds we drove to Ljubljana Marshes – and waited.

We must admit we even did the big no-no … we ran with it in the hope of catching some wind higher up. Sorry.

But then a remnant of a storm came by …

…and the leaves and blades of gras started to move. Time to get the new guy in the air!

The wind got a bit stronger – say, up to 4 km/h – and the Big blue could easily handle a picavet and a camera.

The sun was going down, the test was successful, time to pull the new Rok down – only to realise one of us forgot to set the interval shooting on the camera.

Was there time to do another quick KAP session?

No. It was too dark.

But – the New Blue Rokkaku is an amazing kite … stable as hell, strong even in very low winds, easy to handle. This was its first KAP session, and definitely not the last!

Kite aerial photos shot with Nikon P330.

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