Meandering river Unica

When the waters of Lake Cerknica disappear through the caves and sinkholes, they travel underground first to Rakov Škocjan, emerge there and then sink again, flowing into Planina cave, joining with river Pivka coming from Postojna cave (in a unique underground river confluence); and after all this drama the waters burst out from Planina cave onto the nice, flat, green Planina karst field – as river Unica.

(Dandelion flowers on the lush meadow of Planina karst field)

River Unica meanders through the flat Planina karst field in great loops, flowing for over 18 km to the sinkholes on the nortwest part of the field.

The river gradient is almost nonexistent, and many times a year Unica overwhelmes the sinkholes and floods the plain. Attempts to widen the sinkholes and reduce flooding failed (karst is stubborn by nature), and despite the fertile land there are no crops sewn here.

(Great “S” of Unica in the southeast part of Planina karst field.)

This semi-regular flooding (the whole field can be a couple of meters under water) and drying created a fascinating ecosystem, while the meadows are used mainly as pastures.

(Some attempts were made to tame at least the smaller streams and reduce flooding. Didn’t work.)

(KAP Jasa in action: “Ja” adjusting the Picavet rig, “Sa” holding the kite line.)

All photos shot with Nikon 1 J1 on a Great White Delta kite. And big thanks to Viktor, Gregor, Ariana and Izak for help!

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