Long Time No KAP

The hot summer winds weren’t cooperating since the beginning of July; whenever the temperature in Slovenia goes above 30 degrees, the breeze fades away and there is no chance for a good kite aerial photography session. So we were excited when the air masses started to move again – that made the IKF Vrhnika 2021 kite festival possible! – and we went to our regular kite flying spot on Ljubljana Marshes landscape park to fly kites and to do some KAP!

In the height of the summer Ljubljana Marshes look a bit boring – everything is uniformly green from the air, for even the drought can’t remove all the water from the marshy soil. So we concentrated on honing our precision flying skills that are needed to catch a kite flying in the sky with a camera on another kite.

And we still got it. Sorta. Here is the Trilobite in action:

And the CMYK pilot by Dr.Agon kites:

And the Bol by the same kite master:

And the new red Eddy kite Jerneja flew:

And the whole ensemble from high above:

The kites loked great from the ground too:

All in all, it was a great kite flying day, and a cool KAP session. Now we want more!

All kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on The Spark rokkaku kite.

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