Kites up (barely) in Rosà!

KAP Jasa kite club was invited to take part in the 12th Con il naso all’insù international kite festival in Rosà, Italy, that took place from 16th to 17th March this year.

An impeccably organized kite fest – mainly due to the efforts of the intrepid Guilherme Linares Palau and the Proloco Rosà team – had only one minor inconvenience: the wind was not cooperating at all.

Colorful deltas on two lines.

Still, it was a great festival – we had fun, we were pulling the kite lines like crazy, we met old and made new friends !

Istituto Scalabrini in nearby Bassano del Grappa – our night retreat 🙂

There was not enough wind to lift the camera, so we only did a couple of flights with a phone, shooting some kite aerial videos:

A selection of stills from the video:

Azienda agrituristica Borgo Tecla hosted the kiters and many visitors.

Big thanks to our Croatian friends Zmajoljupci – Kite flying lovers who managed to get us in, to Guilherme and the Proloco Rosà crew, and to all the cool, funny, friendly and completely crazy kiters for a great couple of days flying (OK, “flying”), eating, drinking and acting insane.

See you again – on a field somewhere, with a kite line in hand!

Colorful kites in an unusual place – on the ground …

Kite aerial video shot with iPhone SE on a Rokkaku kite.

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