Kites, Kids, and Sea … Urchins

We’ve just returned from an amazing kite & KAP experience on the magical adriatic island of Prvic, Croatia.

Prvic and the islands of Šibenik archipelago

Prvic is a small island not far from the coast with less than 500 inhabitants, and – after the hordes of tourists leave – it’s a true mediterranean pocket paradise. Every year in the beginning of October the people of Prvic Luka relax and organize the Creative days of Faust Vrancic (named after the famous medieval Croatian engineer, polymath and inventor Faust Vrancic), a three-day festival of creativity, art, science, and fun.

Parachute – the most important invention of Faust Vrancic

This year our Croatian friends and kiters Zmajoljupci – kite flying lovers, a staple of Prvic festival since its inception, managed to squeeze us in, and we gladly went along for some Mediterranean climate, kite flying, kite aerial photography, and fun.

Žare of the Zmajoljupci kite club flying a kite on the main square

Zmajoljupci – Žuža, Žare and Darko – held a kite workshop for kids, and we were happy to help. This year they selected a rather complex kite to make, the bang-pae yeon, a Korean fighter kite.

The bang-pae yeon above Prvic

Kids were completely absorbed into cutting, glueing, painting and bridling their kites. Two hours of hard work passed like minutes, and soon the skies of Prvic were coloured by kites.


Kites are fun!

Later Zmajoljupci presented their kite expeditions to India and China, and we had a short presentation of kite aerial photography and of using kites in science and archaeology. And then it was time for some KAP!

The wind at the seaside was strong, so we tried the new Nightawk delta. And the test flight in a very turbulent, gusty northern wind was … well, spectacular. Icarus style:

The Nighthawk delta soars …

… flies too close to the sun …

… crashes into the blue sea …

…. and has a close encounter with some … sea urchins!

Have you ever seen a more bizarre kite damage? Come on, sea urchins, of all things (and beings)! 🙂

After a couple more crashes – Rokkaku dived and it had to be rescued by some sea kayakers, the small trilobite crashed into the big pilot kite and they both came tumbling down into the sea – it was a perfect kite aerial photography session. Just watch and enjoy:

Liftoff – see the shadow of the Picavet rig

Behold, Prvic Luka in all its glory ….

It was really an amazing experience. Many thanks to Antonia, Drenka, Filip and everyone else of the great people of Prvic, to the organizers of Creative days of Faust Vrancic, to all the kids and adults who were part of the happening, and to Darko, Žare & Žuža of Zmajoljupci – kite flying lovers … we are truly indebted to you all!


Photos by Janez, Žare and Žuža, all kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on Buco the flowform pilot kite.

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