Kites, Kids, a Song, and a Turquoise Wonder

As experts in kite making and kite flying (ha!) we were called to assist in shooting a video of a beautiful project: a virtual global kid choir under the auspices of the famous choir conductor Stojan Kuret performing a piece by composer Tadeja Vulc.

This global virtual choir is composed of three choirs, a girls choir from Hong Kong, a kids choir I Piccoli Cantori from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto in Sicilly, Italy, and a youth choir from Tolmin, Slovenia.

The video script called for a little kite flying together with its brothers and sisters, and then flying away around the globe from Tolmin to Sicilly and on to Hong Kong, greeting singing kids and enjoying the winds.

So we had to make a couple of kites!

An expert kitemaker shows how to make a simple sled kite

Choral master Barbara Kovacic got us all to a chool in Tolmin, where the kids made some sled kites, which then flew over a beautiful meadow near the river Soca …

Lights! Camera! Action!

The kites flew, the cameras were rolling, the kids were running – it was a perfect, windy, sunny day!

The little kite goes higher and higher and is about to start its travels to Sicily and on to Hong Kong

We got out our Frog kite with its huge purple tail, and it was mesmerizing …

The video of the kids singing and kites flying will enter the INTERKULTUR first online choir competition. Fingers crossed!

So … when the shooting drew to a close our kite aerial photography soul started to bother us, so we just had to go to the incredible turquoise river Soca. By then the wind changed and the turbulences were quite severe, so we couldn’t let the Rokkaku fly as high as we would like …

But the colour of the water was … amazing. Mind you, this is not photoshopped in any way!

It was a perfect day. Many thanks to Barbara and the France Bevk grammar school Tolmin, to the girls and boys from the choir who made and flew their kites, to two great kids without whom all this wouldn’t work out, to Stojan Kuret and of course to all the singing kids from all around the world.

Kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on a Rokkaku kite.

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