Kite Catcher

A special category of kite aerial photography is taking shots of other kites in action. It is a difficult and challenging enterprise, requiring skill and patience: it’s about precision flying among many kite lines each of them eager to send your kite and camera crashing to the ground, while hoping the camera is aimed correctly

The CMYK pilot, the Trilobite and the Octopus flying above Ljubljana Marshes

There are masters of this art (like Wolfgang Bieck) and we are nowhere close to them, but we had fun flying and trying to catch them all, and some of the photos came out just fine 🙂

We didn’t dare to venture too close, so kites aren’t as majestic, but still … this nice, unusual perspective shows kites as they are – basking in their natural element.

All kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on The Spark rokkaku kite.

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