Showers of May

We know, we know … as we were obsessed with Ljubljana Marshes, it would seem that we are now fixated on Planina polje. But we can’t help it – the polje is so intriguing, and ever changing, and beautiful … So as we were driving down to Dolenja vas for the party, the 10th anniversary … Read more

Kitecore 🤘

This one shall be short and brief and powerful – just like the music that enveloped us at the 10th anniversary party of the Emberborn smithy. We flew above the smithy and the barn before, so this time it was just fun – and as it is appropriate for a blacksmith’s party, it was all … Read more

On the Edge of a Knife

Janez is a master kite maker (and a top kite aerial photographer, and a fantastic kite flyer), but he also makes books (and skateboards, and schnapps, and sauerkraut, and is an accomplished cook and whatnot, but that’s for another story). He does not make knives (though this might change). Lenart is a blacksmith. He makes … Read more

While We Wait for the Romans

Since we’ve got exciting news about some strange rectangles on Planina polje, we were occupied by the thought of finding (or at least confirming the existence of) archaeology in a most unusual place: a flood-prone, marshy karst field. So we were back at the first opportunity, this time with a better infrared camera, hunting for … Read more

Earth Day 2024

We are rather blessed. Slovenia and Nature go well together. Surely, we made our share of fucking around that resulted in finding out, but in general, we do okay. Lying at the intersection of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Panonnian plain, and the Dinaric mountains, the ecosystems of Slovenia are diverse, quite unique, and ever … Read more

The Trilobites That Ate Ljubljana

They started at Republic square, targeting the bank … Then it was the Parliament … Having a blast by the Maxi store … Back to the bank … On to Tivoli park … And finally leaving … … for the Moon! It was fun 🙂

Fight with the Winds, Round 6

Novi Vinodolski. A really nice seaside town on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, at the mouth of the valley of the vineyards (Vinodol in Croatian) that stretches from Bakarac to the sea, below the mountains of Gorski Kotar and the rise of Velebit. It is a prime tourist place, with a mild climate, clean sea, and pleasant … Read more

81 Stars for Filippo

… and the team. There are kite festivals. And then there is this kilometers long sandy beach chock-full of people, and the sky above it chock-full with incredible flying sculptures of all sizes, colours and shapes. Kilometers, you ask? Yes. We were stationed at one end of the kite field, and we wanted to meet … Read more

Vera, Our Lady of the Skies

This kite aerial photo isn’t much. It’s not spectacular, it doesn’t show something fascinating (ok, it does, but we’ve shot this part of Ljubljana Marshes nature park so many times, that another photo of it barely coutnts). The camera is not even high above the Marshes … Really, nothing special. Except for one thing: it … Read more

Distant Winds: 23rd Festival del Vento, Spotorno

Ah, Liguria … distant and lonely … Even a bit deserted in early March. Sun-blessed, yet with the most unpredictable weather imaginable. How it started: How it was ending (for us) …: Liguria, distant and … When friends asked where are we headed to this time, we said “Spotorno!”, and the conversation that followed was … Read more