Satellite of Love

The middle of December is rarely a good time for flying kites. It’s cold, it’s damp, it’s dark … the winds die down, the sun sets wayyy too early – if it wasn’t for the aggressive festive spirit, December would be the worst month of them all. But here and there a beautiful sunny and … Read more

Who Flew Higher?

After the fantastic KAP session above Lake Cerknica – that brought us to the even more fantastic story of Magnificent Margie, check it out! – we were going through the big heap of photos when our eyes suddenly lit up. Notice something on this kite aerial shot of a huge meander od Stržen creek, temporarily … Read more

A Magical Lake and a Tribute to Real Flyers

The intermittent Lake Cerknica is, well, magical. I mean, look: We’ve flown above this wonder of nature a couple of times already, but it is never the same and is always stunning. In the late Spring when the waters are receding and the plants are growing insanely, covering the former bottom of the lake in … Read more

Trilobite Fight!

One of the missions of Kite society KAP Jasa is, as stated in our foundation charter, development and promotion of kite culture in Slovenia. So it’s not unusual to see a trilobite kite in the sky above Tivoli park, Ljubljana, piloted by one of our members – bringing joy to kids and awe to passers-by. … Read more

Hellish Winds in Paradise

Bled. The epitome of the beauty of Slovenia, its most famous tourist place, picturesque to the point of cringe. An Alpine lake, a cute island with a cute little church on it, an ancient castle perched high above it … a veritable paradise. But for kite aerial photography it’s hell … as Bled lies in … Read more

Over the Moon (and Planets)

After the amazing KAP session over Iški morost nature reserve and the immense vistas of Ljubljana Marshes landscape park, we took Cindy delta for a spin in the purple evening sky – the wind was, unexpecedly, still blowing – to test a new line. We used a new 2 mm line by Kanirope. It felt … Read more

Same, but Different

Yes, it’s Ljubljana Marshes landscape park. Again. Yes, it’s Iški Morost nature reserve. Again 🙂 But wait – this KAP session was from the other end of this magical place! 😉 As if it matters up there, 250 m above the moor … It was a glorious November afternoon, and the vistas were … immense. … Read more

Sisyphus of Karst

Wilhelm Putick – Viljem Putik, born in 1856 in Popůvky, Moravia – has a near-mythical status in Slovenian karstology and speleology, and rightly so. As a young student he was impressed by the heroic era of exploration of Moravian Karst – here is a sink, there is a spring, the water flows underground, let’s follow … Read more

A Warm and Windy November Sunday

Such a perfect day … Ivor is frantically collecting kites to “increase our fleet”, and as six new items have arrived, a test was necessary. Luckily the Sunday was sunny, unusually warm for November, and windy. Very windy. A new trilobite joined our purple one in the sky. A shoal of fish lined themselves along … Read more