Of Rabbits and Kites

Every now and then either we pack our kite gear and go to Zagreb, Croatia – or our friends from Zmajoljupci – Croatian Kite Association visit us here in Ljubljana. This time it was their turn (we were in Croatia in August for the fantastic event in O., and are going back to the island … Read more

Above Eden

Give yourself to a drunk life windTo blow you to all directions, fast.Let it fold you like a leaf,Into a mad flight, that crazy blast. Fly like leaves carried by a whirlwindFor the flight, you are made, dear soul. Tin Ujević There was a kite festival in the fantastically crazy town of O. – the … Read more

The One That Must Not Be Named

First, a disclaimer. The residents of the place the following paean is dedicated to, asked us if we could withhold its beautiful name, as they live in constant fear of hordes of modern tourists, the abominable infestation that has already claimed one picturesque spot after another, spreading like cancer, devouring beauty, trampling tranquility, dissecting serenity. … Read more

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Long ago, a boy was born who was so fair and pleasing to the eye that he was named Love-to-see – Ljubo-vid in the language of the land. Lovely Ljubovid lived beside a beautiful green river; in the story of Narcissus the boy was mesmerized by his own reflection in the water, fell into it, … Read more

Into the Past, Flying

When the Summer turns the air into molasses and brains into mush, kite aerial photography is not uppermost in mind (nothing is); standing on a meadow millions of insects call home (and are ready to defend it) under a blistering sun is very bad for your health, regardless of holding the kite line being so … Read more

Fishing in the Sky

There are a few things that captivate and mesmerise people. An open flame. The clouds drifting across the sky. A stream, swirling and winding across the stones. And kites in the air. Kite flying is really zen. It’s simply the wind, the line singing, the kite dancing… you sit down, hold the line in one … Read more

Jolly Blue Giant

Slovenia is … an aeolically challenged country (more kiters than wind turbines here), and we constantly struggle with winds too low for decent kite aerial photography. We tried a lot of things, having different kite designs for most of the wind force spectrum – rokkakus for low, deltas for medium to strong, sled for strong … Read more

Bricks that Built Ljubljana

Koseze are a nice and calm northwestern suburb of Ljubljana. Located at the foot of Koseški boršt, Rakovnik, and Debeli hrib, it used to be a small village that started to grow in the second half of 20th century. Although a small village and later a quiet suburb its history is rich; a Paleolithic site … Read more