Island at the End of Summer

Prvić – prvi means ‘the first’ in Croatian, as it is the first island in the Šibenik archipelago; the ancient Greeks named it Proteras, ‘primeval’, ‘first’, and Prvin the Slavic spirit of spring (again, being the first) can also be its namesake – is a cute little island, 3.1 km long and 1.4 km wide, with some 400 people living there through the year (the population swells in the summer, as the island is a prime tourism location!).

Prvić Luka, the birthplace of Faust Vrančić. Kite aerial photo, Nikon P330 on a rokkaku.

And it lies right at the end of the summer.

Sunday kite show

Every year on the first weekend of the somber month of October the island of Prvić explodes in a festival of creativity dedicated to its most famous son, the Renaissance polymath, diplomat, bishop, inventor of various devices, machines and technical concepts – a parachute among them! – Faust Vrančić.

Aerial view across the island towards Tijat and the Šibenik archipelago. Kite aerial photo by master pilot Viktor, Canon A810 on a rokkaku kite.

The festival – Kreativni dani Fausta Vrančića – brings together the inhabitants and expats of Prvić, kids from Vodice and Šibenik, people from the islands, and curious tourists, for a three-day cornucopia of concerts, workshops, presentations, lectures, theatre plays, film screenings.and whatnot.

KAP Jasa kite club was invited to do a lecture on using kites to assess water pollution, to show how you do kite aerial photography, and to fly kites in a show to mark the end of the festival on a high note. We were there back in 2019 – so this was actually our Second time on the First island – and it was so cool to come back and meet all the friends again.

Maša explains how we can use a kite and an infrared camera to discover stuff

This year our expedition to Prvić had more members, as we had much more to do! Maša, Saša and Ivor presented the kite science project, Viktor took kite aerial photos of the island, and everyone else held a kite line or two during the kite show.

Prvić Luka. Kite aerial photo by master pilot Viktor, Canon A810 on a rokkaku kite.

Our kite flying friends from Zagreb, Žuža and Žare of the Croatian Kite Association did a couple of kite workshops for kids (there were so many of them we had to help!), and together we coloured the skies above the island on Sunday.

The Octopus rising
Two kite masters debating
The sky is full

It was amazing. The place, the sun, the summer-like weather, the warm sea, the breeze, the smells and aromas of the Adriatic, good food and interesting drinks (like a spirit made from olives!), and great friends having fun deep into the starry nights of Prvić.

KAP master Viktor caught the Trilobite in action above the blue lagoon of Prvić Luka

KAP master Viktor caught the other Trilobite in action above the church of St. Mary of Mercy in Prvić Luka

Big thanks to Antonia, Drenka, Tomo, Marina and all the good folks of Prvić for their unmatched hospitality. We will definitely heed their advice and come back in October 2022 – if not sooner!

And thus endeth the summer …

Kite aerial photos shot by Viktor with Canon A810 on The Spark rokkaku, and by Janez with Nikon P330 on The Sumo Fighter rokkaku.

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