Earth, Wind, and … Water

The rains of Spring and Autumn regularly overwhelm the drainage capacity of the rivers on Ljubljana Marshes.

Ljubljanica and other rivers and streams swell up and overflow, and the groundwater level rises until it’s above the ground. Huge areas get underwater, and serious lakes form.

There is even a long-standing quarrel among Slovenian geographers: are the Marshes actually the largest intermittent lake in Slovenia, or is it Lake Cerknica …

Anyway, submerged meadows and fields and gravel roads present a nice motif for a kite aerial photography session. And it would be nice, if the wind would cooperate.

It didn’t. The whole session was a mess, with a wrong type of a kite making it a constant fight with a buffeting wind up to 30 km/h and more, viciously crushing the hand that holds the kite line. There was no way to lift the camera any higher, and the light was changing from poor to straight ugly …

Not the most pleasant KAP session, and not the best kite aerial photos of the Marshes.

But still, it is nice to see all this water keeping the Marshes marshy.

And even the old channel of Ljubljanica – usually dry since at least the 1st century AD – was full of water!

And we got a train! 🙂

All kite aerial photos shot with Nikon P330 on The Spark rokkaku.

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