Divine Views and the Mountain of God

A kite aerial view across Ljubljana Marshes landscape park never ceases to amaze …

This kite aerial photography session was a part of a RKF – relaxed kite flying – on the eastern part of the Marshes, and a second test of the (re)new(ed) box delta kite that we crashed last time.

It was a crystal clear April day, and the views were immense … the flat Marshes, the city of Ljubljana, the hills and the snowcapped Kamnik-Savinja Alps were glowing in the afternoon sun.

The boxed delta performed flawlessly this time. It seemed glued to the sky, Rokkaku style (and so we have a hundred of pretty much same photos) …

Ljubljana glitters in the sun

A cute circular pond next to Ižica river

But we got a glimpse of the Mountain of God, the highest peak of Slovenia – Mt-. Triglav, 2864 m!


All kite aerial photos shot with Nikon P330 on a box delta.

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