Towards the Abyss

We said that the last post was the final in the series about Planina polje. We lied. This is Unica river, the sixth apparition of the “River of the Seven Names” flowing serenely across the plain. But can you tell in which direction is it flowing? From the hills onto the plain, from the forest … Read more

A Caressing Light

The third KAP session on Planina polje was all about light. The low Autumn sun did its magic. No intriguing history this time, no sparkling science, no stunning discoveries … just the wind, the kite, the line … … the setting sun caressing lush meadows, trees in their autumnal dresses, and a river. That’s it. … Read more

It Cracked in the Middle Miocene

And it was quite a rumble … The Earth back then – some 12 million years ago – was different, but uncannily similar. Arabian peninsula and Zagros mountains just crashed into Eurasia proper, severing the Tethys from the Indian ocean, and Africa collided with Iberia, closing the Gibraltar straits that lead to the Messinian salinity … Read more

Top-Down Magic: Planina Karst Field

There are few changes of perspective that reveal more than the top-down view, the one that is furthest removed from the ordinary human experience. Lines of trees become broadly winding meanders, hidden landscape features are suddenly visible, secret dances of the shadows thrown by the setting Autumn sky are exposed. The northern part of Planina … Read more

Earth, Wind, and … Water

The rains of Spring and Autumn regularly overwhelm the drainage capacity of the rivers on Ljubljana Marshes. Ljubljanica and other rivers and streams swell up and overflow, and the groundwater level rises until it’s above the ground. Huge areas get underwater, and serious lakes form. There is even a long-standing quarrel among Slovenian geographers: are … Read more

At the Marshes, Again

After our supreme experience of flying kites in crazy Opuzen, above the emerald beauty of the delta of Neretva, and above the mysterious Daorson, we had to de-sand our kites (flying on a sandy beach means sand everywhere) – and we chose a nice September afternoon to flex our kite muscles. The wind was too … Read more

A Lush Green Mirage: the Delta of Neretva

As we were invited to a kite festival in Opuzen, Croatia, and pretty much the only thing about it we knew was that it is a cool, artist-friendly place in Dalmatia, on the bank of the river Neretva. And it’s true: Opuzen is a cool, artist-friendly town on the bank of Neretva, at the cusp … Read more

Etched Landscape

Strmca is a rather remote village below the high plateau of Hrušica, between Postojna and Planina – a small settlement far from the beaten path, away from most of the routes, even ancient ones. It rests dreamy in the middle of a concave field; a flock of houses settled in two rows, oriented perpendicularly to … Read more

A New Eye in the Sky

After a loooong time – spent mainly resting after the phenomenal experience of organising the International Kite Festival IKF Slovenia 2022 in Murska Sobota – we went back to our beloved Ljubljana Marshes. We wanted to get back into the KAP game, to check out the behaviour of a new delta (called Cindy in honour … Read more