Of Monsters and Marshes

Ljubljana Marshes are a huge … marshy expanse south of Ljubljana; a landscape park, an important archaeology area, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a nice recreational area, a home to many an endangered species of flora and fauna, an intense agricultural region, and, most importantly, a place where we usually go to fly kites. A … Read more

Kite Adventure in Gujarat 2023 – Chapter 4

… in which we celebrate a birthday, shock the good people of Somnath, help an industry to flourish, encounter another wild boar, and dance under an incredible purple sky. KAP Jasa – kite team Slovenia was invited to the great International Kite Festival Gujarat 2023. From January 6 to January 16 we rode planes, buses, … Read more

A Caressing Light

The third KAP session on Planina polje was all about light. The low Autumn sun did its magic. No intriguing history this time, no sparkling science, no stunning discoveries … just the wind, the kite, the line … … the setting sun caressing lush meadows, trees in their autumnal dresses, and a river. That’s it. … Read more

Top-Down Magic: Planina Karst Field

There are few changes of perspective that reveal more than the top-down view, the one that is furthest removed from the ordinary human experience. Lines of trees become broadly winding meanders, hidden landscape features are suddenly visible, secret dances of the shadows thrown by the setting Autumn sky are exposed. The northern part of Planina … Read more