Into the Past, Flying

When the Summer turns the air into molasses and brains into mush, kite aerial photography is not uppermost in mind (nothing is); standing on a meadow millions of insects call home (and are ready to defend it) under a blistering sun is very bad for your health, regardless of holding the kite line being so … Read more

Bricks that Built Ljubljana

Koseze are a nice and calm northwestern suburb of Ljubljana. Located at the foot of Koseški boršt, Rakovnik, and Debeli hrib, it used to be a small village that started to grow in the second half of 20th century. Although a small village and later a quiet suburb its history is rich; a Paleolithic site … Read more

The Old Guy in the Sky

It wasn’t much of a KAP session… and we were back at the location we had flown over so many times before that we could make a fairly long movie just using the photos as frames. But this time was different – the old guy was back in the sky! This venerable blue Rokkaku was … Read more

A Prehistoric Jewel: Debela Griža Hillfort

Just north of the village Volčji Grad – Wolf’s Castle in the middle of Slovenian Karst – lies a spectacular hillfort that’s not on a hill and is not (as most hillforts aren’t) a fort. It’s called Debela griža – ‘thick heaps of stone’ – due to its humongous walls that dominate the landscape even … Read more

It Cracked in the Middle Miocene

And it was quite a rumble … The Earth back then – some 12 million years ago – was different, but uncannily similar. Arabian peninsula and Zagros mountains just crashed into Eurasia proper, severing the Tethys from the Indian ocean, and Africa collided with Iberia, closing the Gibraltar straits that lead to the Messinian salinity … Read more

Island at the End of Summer – Part 3

“KAP” in the name of our kite team stands for “kite aerial photography. And after all the kite workshops (part 1) and kite flying (part 2) you bet we did a kite aerial photography session on the beautiful island of Prvić! Alas, as we learned in Part 2 of our kite adventures on the island, … Read more

Seeing the Invisible: a European Researchers’ Night Lecture

European Researchers’ Night is probably the largest popular science event in Europe, which takes place every year on the last Friday in September. Presentations of scientific discoveries and attractions, exhibitions, public experiments and lectures are available to scientific enthusiasts throughout the day, especially in the evening and at night. KAP Jasa – kite team Slovenia … Read more