Earth, Wind, and … Water

The rains of Spring and Autumn regularly overwhelm the drainage capacity of the rivers on Ljubljana Marshes. Ljubljanica and other rivers and streams swell up and overflow, and the groundwater level rises until it’s above the ground. Huge areas get underwater, and serious lakes form. There is even a long-standing quarrel among Slovenian geographers: are … Read more

Seeing the Invisible: a European Researchers’ Night Lecture

European Researchers’ Night is probably the largest popular science event in Europe, which takes place every year on the last Friday in September. Presentations of scientific discoveries and attractions, exhibitions, public experiments and lectures are available to scientific enthusiasts throughout the day, especially in the evening and at night. KAP Jasa – kite team Slovenia … Read more

Flying Kites in Crazytown

It was the best of times – it was the best of times … We spent five glorious days in and around a town in Croatia that is totally, epically, magnificently crazy. At first we didn’t even want to tell you where this crazy little town is, because then you all will want to come … Read more

Kite Festival Opuzen, Croatia

International endeavours of KAP Jasa – kite team Slovenia are on again! Snježana and Žare of the Croatian Kite Association invited us to a fantastic little kite festival in a fantastic place at the mouth of river Neretva near the town of Opuzen, Croatia. The town is simply amazing, the people are incredible, and their … Read more

A New Eye in the Sky

After a loooong time – spent mainly resting after the phenomenal experience of organising the International Kite Festival IKF Slovenia 2022 in Murska Sobota – we went back to our beloved Ljubljana Marshes. We wanted to get back into the KAP game, to check out the behaviour of a new delta (called Cindy in honour … Read more

Previous Kite Aerial Photography Adventures

As it is rather difficult to smoothly post our previous KAP adventures from our previous website, here is the link to them all:   All upcoming KAP and kite related stuff will of course be posted here. Enjoy these blasts from the past! 😉