Of Rabbits and Kites

Every now and then either we pack our kite gear and go to Zagreb, Croatia – or our friends from Zmajoljupci – Croatian Kite Association visit us here in Ljubljana. This time it was their turn (we were in Croatia in August for the fantastic event in O., and are going back to the island … Read more

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Long ago, a boy was born who was so fair and pleasing to the eye that he was named Love-to-see – Ljubo-vid in the language of the land. Lovely Ljubovid lived beside a beautiful green river; in the story of Narcissus the boy was mesmerized by his own reflection in the water, fell into it, … Read more

Jolly Blue Giant

Slovenia is … an aeolically challenged country (more kiters than wind turbines here), and we constantly struggle with winds too low for decent kite aerial photography. We tried a lot of things, having different kite designs for most of the wind force spectrum – rokkakus for low, deltas for medium to strong, sled for strong … Read more

New Guy in the Sky

We are oftentimes waxing poetically about our first KAP kite, the Venerable Blue Rokkaku. The constant praising of the old kite even while flying new(er) ones, and an opportunity of someone of us having a birthday, prompted the indomitable Janez Vizjak, founder, chief kite designer and kite maker of Dr.Agon kites, to make another Rokkaku … Read more


The eastern part of Ljubljana basin – Polje, Zadobrova, Beričevo, Zalog, Kašelj – is a curious mix of agricultural, industrial, and leisure areas. The fertile soil brought by Sava and Ljubljanica rivers supports a thriving vegetables production, the flat and well connected area is ideal for industrial and infrastructural enterprises, and Zajčja dobrava – Rabbit’s … Read more

The Old Guy in the Sky

It wasn’t much of a KAP session… and we were back at the location we had flown over so many times before that we could make a fairly long movie just using the photos as frames. But this time was different – the old guy was back in the sky! This venerable blue Rokkaku was … Read more

A Flight Over the Crow’s Nest

We’ve been doing kite aerial photography for over six years and, with the exception of a dog, a herd of cows, and some horses, we’ve never caught an animal – even when we fly in areas where wildlife is supposed to be prevalent. Last weekend, however … The Ljubljana Marshes, our favorite and most frequented … Read more