Of Rabbits and Kites

Every now and then either we pack our kite gear and go to Zagreb, Croatia – or our friends from Zmajoljupci – Croatian Kite Association visit us here in Ljubljana. This time it was their turn (we were in Croatia in August for the fantastic event in O., and are going back to the island … Read more

Above Eden

Give yourself to a drunk life windTo blow you to all directions, fast.Let it fold you like a leaf,Into a mad flight, that crazy blast. Fly like leaves carried by a whirlwindFor the flight, you are made, dear soul. Tin Ujević There was a kite festival in the fantastically crazy town of O. – the … Read more

The One That Must Not Be Named

First, a disclaimer. The residents of the place the following paean is dedicated to, asked us if we could withhold its beautiful name, as they live in constant fear of hordes of modern tourists, the abominable infestation that has already claimed one picturesque spot after another, spreading like cancer, devouring beauty, trampling tranquility, dissecting serenity. … Read more

Soaring Through the Crowd

We’ve already told you about the spectacular Jesolo Beach & Kite festival and the incredible aerial jam that the countless kites created in the gorgeous skies above Lido di Jesolo. But how does it feel to be up there with all the creatures of the air? Magnificent, we’d say. To experience that we just had … Read more

The Glorious Sky of Jesolo, Italy

We’ve had a kite club for what, almost 6 years now? We’ve seen a kite festival or two, even organised one, we follow kite flyers and kite festival organisers from all over the world – but this was … beyond anything we could imagine. A master kite designer, builder and flyer, Mr. Filippo Gallina, outdid … Read more

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

Fold your legs, let’s roll … When the inimitable Sandro Macchi, KAP master, inventor, kite designer and a member of the illustrious 30 kite club from Genova asked us if we’d drive for 1.350 km just to fly kites for a couple of hours, we said – yes, of course! But we weren’t going to … Read more