Catching Kites in the Air

Well, since we are a bit crazy, guess what we did after an exhausting day of flying kites at the 4th IKF Slovenia – Vrhnika 2020? We went out and fly some more!

We chose our favourite spot in the middle of Ljubljana Marshes landscape park, and this open space allowed us to do some kite aerial photography, trying to catch some kites in their natural environment …

Open space of Ljubljana Marshes, Slovenia.

And despite using the old Picavet rig and having no way knowing what the camera sees, we did catch a couple of kites flying!

All the deltas and a trilobite of Zmajoljupci – Kite Flying Lovers, and MASAG β Rokkaku were quite enjoying the wind …

And the place is really beautiful…

It was a perfect day – save for the searing sun and the mosquitos. Anyway, a big shot out to Viktor and Maša who did a great job keeping the kites in the air (the wind was moody and gusty)!

Viktor and the trilobite

Kite masters selfie

All kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on a Rokkaku kite.

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