Autumn on a High Plateau

We went – again – to the high karst plateau of Bloke south of Ljubljana to catch the last warm sun rays and the nice wind that caresses the forested landscape – and try to survey a purported little Bronze Age hillfort.

Bloke high plateau in its golden autumn glory

While the hillfort proved elusive – we had some problems with the multispectral camera and the analysis shoult take some time – the warm, soft sunlight bathing the plateau was so nice …

These forests are home to bears, wolves, lynxes, and wildcats; to herds of deer and flocks of birds … The gentle slopes of Bloke are the birthplace of skiing in central Europe, first described in 1689 by the member of the Royal Society Janez Vajkard Valvasor.

Flat areas can be marshy, and the Bloščica river meanders slowly across the meadows.

This is a peaceful country, a place to recharge and get in sync with the nature. Numerous pleasant homestays are welcoming you, offering hikes, horseback riding, bike adventures, photo safaris, and cross-country skiing in the harsh winters of the 800m high plateau.

Now lonely and remote the Bloke plateau boasts a rich history; from the Bronze Age through the Roman (the remnants of the Claustra Alpium Iuliarum defensive fortifications run through the plateau) and the Medieval times, and the intricate folklore of ancient villages give you plenty of things to explore, learn and enjoy.

All kite aerial photos shot with Nikon P330, first on the venerable Blue Rokkaku, and then on the Red dot Rokkaku.

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