Autumn in Ljubljana – Part 1

This was a quick and neat KAP session in Tivoli City Park just outside Ljubljana Centre proper … the wind was strong, the park was almost empty due to pandemic restrictions, it was a nice flight.

The Picavet we used is designed for two cameras (usually a near-infrared and a conventional one), so flying it with just one camera has some problems – it is either tilted while supported on all four points, or is swinging terribly when supported on two points only. This time we traded stability for tilt, and … well …

The trade-off is hard, but we got three quite cool kite aerial photos of Ljubljana in Autumn! 🙂

And the blurred photos were good enough for an Autumn colour treat – a bit of saturation and vibrance enhancement – and voilà!

There will be more KAP sessions in Ljubljana, mainly for the pandemic restriction of travel beyond one’s municipality, so stay tuned!

Kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on a Rokkaku kite.

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