And Now for Something Completely Different – A Giant Show Kite

While KAP Jasa kite society is mainly doing kite aerial photography, we do kites too … We have made a couple of KAP workhorses (a venerable Rokakku, a couple of deltas, Millie the french military kite, a fled and a Royal 69 sled), but we designed and made some showkites too – to fly them for fun, at kite festivals and for the amusement of general public.

Exaggeration is the word when we – and by ‘we‘ we mean Janez, or dr.agon as he prefers – design and make kites. This one is no exception:

This huge air monster – a Giant Wiener Doggo Kite – is, well, really huge. Almost 70 square meters of fabric; the kite itself (with Caly the Kite Dog appliqué) is 6 meters wide and 1,5 m high, made of ripstop nylon, while the tail is 15 meters long and 3,60 m wide and made of taft.

Here is its first flight, in the beautiful Ljubljansko Barje Landscape Park:


And it all began when Janez got himself a cute little dachshund – Caly

Kite aerial photo of Caly the KAP dog on her first KAP session

Oooowwwww … She would look so cool on a kite, right? Right! So Janez – dr.agon – dusted his sewing machine and …


The completely new design – something between a genki and a multiplited fled was born … and it flew beauifully:

But it was soon apparent that it needs a tail, both for aesthetic and practical reasons (stability was a bit of an issue). And the tail must be … well, exaggerated!

For all its enormity we – again, Janez, dr.agon – had to sew the tail in a big enough place; so Dragomelj elementary school kindly let us use their smaller gym.


On the test flight we realized we’ve created a monster. In a 20+ km/h wind we were left at its mercy; luckily it’s so big that when it really catches the wind, its pull gets beyond strong slowly, so one is able to handle it.

And it’s beautiful …

Now it’s time to show it to the world – kite festivals await!

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