An Undulating Coutryside

Dolenjska region of Slovenia – Lower Carniola and its Krka Valley is simply beautiful.

River Krka near the village of Drama – as seen from a kite. See the white swans paddling downstream in a line 🙂

Rolling hills with orchards and wineyards, manucured gardens and fields, colorful forests and the sleepy beauty: green river Krka.

This is the softest part of Slovenia; wide and happy – as are the people living here.

Dolenjska is a great place to spend a couple of days. Just relaxing, absorbing, hiking, exploring the nature and the culture of the region – and enjoying some great food and wine.

Check the Visit Dolenjska website for some ideas – its perfect for a day trip or a short holiday.

The fundamentals of tasty produce: a large pile of manure. Took some great piloting skills to avoid landing the camera in this 🙂

All kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on Millie the french military kite.

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