A Symbol of the Times


An empty kids playground in Tivoli City park, Ljubljana – on a sunny spring afternoon.

“Social distancing” is such an ugly – and wrong – expression… sure, we maintain the physical distance. But socially we probably have never been so close!

Intricate landscaping north of the Tivoli pond

We here are taking the measures quite seriously. A couple of families enjoy a stroll, some people are exercising, others just sitting in the sun, savouring the spring. But Tivoli, usually packed with people of Ljubljana on a day like this, looks eerily empty.

But the spring doesn’t care. The flowers and the trees, the sun and the wind never care about us.

The glass house of Tivoli

Nobody slides down the slide, nobody is swinging on the swing

Kite aerial panorama showing how the winds were quite naughty

Kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on a Rokkaku kite; in very strange wind conditions – strong turbulence up to 30 meters, strong thermals at around 50-75 m, and wind in excess of 20 km/h above, with turbulent layers interacting with the thermals. Quite fun to fly!

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