A Strange Creature Above the Marshes

We went back to Kozler forest in the Ljubljana Marshes landscape park – but this time we didn’t plan a kite aerial photography session. We invited a couple of friends to show them what a show can show kites make!

photo Aleš Obersnel

Masterpieces of Dr.Agon kites chief designer and kitemaker Janez Vizjak, together with a Trilobite and an Octopuss, lit up the cloudy skies.

CMYK lifter with the Squid and the Jellyfish

As soon as the first large kite soared, the kids went “Woooooooooooowwwww!!!!”

The Spark rokkaku, the Trilobite and the Octopus

As kite aerial photography is still our “core business”, we couldn’t resist – so we showed the intrigued crowd how a Picavet gets attached to the kite line, and we let the big Pink Delta carry the camera to take some kite aerial selfies.

We even caught the Trilobite in action!

And as it always happens – when the crowd headed home, the wind picked up, and a strange creature rose from the wet marsh:

photo Ivor Bogunić

An Olm, a “human fish” as it is called in Slovene – Proteus anguinus, the largest cave-dwelling animal in the world and a Karst endemite, first discovered in Slovenia. This flying specimen is, unlike those found in the subterranean streams, 23 meters long!

It was a pleasant, relaxed kite flying afternoon. The wind was moody, the sky was cloudy, the ground was wet – it was perfect! 🙂

photo Edo

Big thanks to all who came to enjoy the show, and to Aleš, Ivor and Edo for the photos. Kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on a Pink Delta kite.

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