A River on a Karst Field

Planina karst field – Planinsko polje – is a magical place. When the wind cooperates it is a perfect kite flying place, with vast open meadows and few obstacles. That’s why we often use it as a plan B when other locations do not approve of us flying.

Just after liftoff. A young pilot handles the controls smoothly while the old masters are chucking out irrelevant advice.

River Unica, an apparition of Ljubljanica, the river of the seven names, adds to the serene beauty of the field. The setting sun, the lush autumn colours, the satureted greens of the waterlogged grasslands, herds of horses and cows … it’s perfect for kite aerial photography!

Higher! Higher! Give ‘er more line!

This weekend we were there again – it was a great october afternoon, the wind was perfect, the sun did its magic, the river was basking and the shadows were long … And it was the One Sky One World weekend!

River Unica appears.

The lush green of the Planina field meadows.

A nice meander of Unica.

The highest point.

Time to bring ‘er down.

Final approach.

The Great White Delta was in the steady hands of a young kite pilot Teja, so all the kite aerial photos – shot with Nikon 1 J1 – are technically her work! 😉

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