A Barren Island

Island of Pag, Croatia, has the longest coast of all the islands in the Adriatic. Belonging to the Northern Dalmatia archipelago, it lies just across the Velebit channel, its eastern coast facing the furious Bora wind that comes crashing down the mountain.

Winds on Pag are steady, perfect for flying kites – and for generating electricity: the first wind farm in Croatia was constructed just north of Pag town.

Because of the fierce bora and poor soil, the island is mostly barren, covered in shrubs and grass, with abundant wild aromatic herbs like oregano and thyme.

It is said these herbs give the famous Pag cheese its distinctive taste: the sheep seem to really enjoy them 🙂

All kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on a Rokkaku kite. Designated co-pilot that day was Gašper, a 12-year-old kite enthusiast.

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