In the Damn Sync

This KAP session was more of a test – the sun was already low, there were some clouds and a mist announcing the arrival of a weather front, so the light was diffuse and dull. But we had to test a gift from the inimitable Sandro Macchi – SMAC, a radio controlled picavet rig. A … Read more

A Pearl from Above

Prvić, the island at the end of summer, the pearl of Šibenik archipelago. We’ve told you everything about the amazing International Festival Creative Days of Faust Vrančić that happened on the first weekend in October on this peach of an island (if you haven’t yet checked it out, do it now – it’s fun, we … Read more

Where the Summer Ends

For us lucky kiters that have so many so great friends in Croatia, the end of the summer is a geographical term. It’s not so much the question of when, but where – for us the summer ends on an island. The island is small and near the mainland, a seemingly unremarkable blob of land … Read more