Bricks that Built Ljubljana

Koseze are a nice and calm northwestern suburb of Ljubljana. Located at the foot of Koseški boršt, Rakovnik, and Debeli hrib, it used to be a small village that started to grow in the second half of 20th century. Although a small village and later a quiet suburb its history is rich; a Paleolithic site … Read more

Relaxed Kite Flying at Rabbit’s Grove

‘Twas a nice Sunday … sunny, windy … just made for some relaxed kite flying. So we took our kites to Zajčja dobrava (‘Rabbit’s Grove’), a small landscape park on the eastern part of Ljubljana. There is not much to say; the place is less than ideal, a grove of trees just behind us did … Read more

New Guy in the Sky

We are oftentimes waxing poetically about our first KAP kite, the Venerable Blue Rokkaku. The constant praising of the old kite even while flying new(er) ones, and an opportunity of someone of us having a birthday, prompted the indomitable Janez Vizjak, founder, chief kite designer and kite maker of Dr.Agon kites, to make another Rokkaku … Read more


The eastern part of Ljubljana basin – Polje, Zadobrova, Beričevo, Zalog, Kašelj – is a curious mix of agricultural, industrial, and leisure areas. The fertile soil brought by Sava and Ljubljanica rivers supports a thriving vegetables production, the flat and well connected area is ideal for industrial and infrastructural enterprises, and Zajčja dobrava – Rabbit’s … Read more

The Old Guy in the Sky

It wasn’t much of a KAP session… and we were back at the location we had flown over so many times before that we could make a fairly long movie just using the photos as frames. But this time was different – the old guy was back in the sky! This venerable blue Rokkaku was … Read more