A Flight Over the Crow’s Nest

We’ve been doing kite aerial photography for over six years and, with the exception of a dog, a herd of cows, and some horses, we’ve never caught an animal – even when we fly in areas where wildlife is supposed to be prevalent. Last weekend, however … The Ljubljana Marshes, our favorite and most frequented … Read more

Soaring Through the Crowd

We’ve already told you about the spectacular Jesolo Beach & Kite festival and the incredible aerial jam that the countless kites created in the gorgeous skies above Lido di Jesolo. But how does it feel to be up there with all the creatures of the air? Magnificent, we’d say. To experience that we just had … Read more

The Glorious Sky of Jesolo, Italy

We’ve had a kite club for what, almost 6 years now? We’ve seen a kite festival or two, even organised one, we follow kite flyers and kite festival organisers from all over the world – but this was … beyond anything we could imagine. A master kite designer, builder and flyer, Mr. Filippo Gallina, outdid … Read more