A Caressing Light

The third KAP session on Planina polje was all about light. The low Autumn sun did its magic. No intriguing history this time, no sparkling science, no stunning discoveries … just the wind, the kite, the line … … the setting sun caressing lush meadows, trees in their autumnal dresses, and a river. That’s it. … Read more

It Cracked in the Middle Miocene

And it was quite a rumble … The Earth back then – some 12 million years ago – was different, but uncannily similar. Arabian peninsula and Zagros mountains just crashed into Eurasia proper, severing the Tethys from the Indian ocean, and Africa collided with Iberia, closing the Gibraltar straits that lead to the Messinian salinity … Read more

Top-Down Magic: Planina Karst Field

There are few changes of perspective that reveal more than the top-down view, the one that is furthest removed from the ordinary human experience. Lines of trees become broadly winding meanders, hidden landscape features are suddenly visible, secret dances of the shadows thrown by the setting Autumn sky are exposed. The northern part of Planina … Read more

Island at the End of Summer – Part 3

“KAP” in the name of our kite team stands for “kite aerial photography. And after all the kite workshops (part 1) and kite flying (part 2) you bet we did a kite aerial photography session on the beautiful island of Prvić! Alas, as we learned in Part 2 of our kite adventures on the island, … Read more

Island at the End of Summer – Part 2

One evening while listening to poetry reading in a cozy konoba on Prvić island, a sudden realization dawned upon us: Kites are poems of the wind. … So let’s see what aerial rhymes the wind poets of Zmajoljupci – Croatian Kite Association and KAP Jasa – kite team Slovenia can muster together! After all the … Read more

Island at the End of Summer – Part 1

We always arrive under the cover of the night, and the stars and the dark sea make the island look farther and bigger. In the light of the Dalmatian sun the island is rather small and close to the mainland; there is a little town with a little port and a little church, with small stone houses on narrow winding streets. Yet all this sweet little cuteness hides a huge volcano of imagination.

Earth, Wind, and … Water

The rains of Spring and Autumn regularly overwhelm the drainage capacity of the rivers on Ljubljana Marshes. Ljubljanica and other rivers and streams swell up and overflow, and the groundwater level rises until it’s above the ground. Huge areas get underwater, and serious lakes form. There is even a long-standing quarrel among Slovenian geographers: are … Read more

Seeing the Invisible: a European Researchers’ Night Lecture

European Researchers’ Night is probably the largest popular science event in Europe, which takes place every year on the last Friday in September. Presentations of scientific discoveries and attractions, exhibitions, public experiments and lectures are available to scientific enthusiasts throughout the day, especially in the evening and at night. KAP Jasa – kite team Slovenia … Read more