Etched Landscape

Strmca is a rather remote village below the high plateau of Hrušica, between Postojna and Planina – a small settlement far from the beaten path, away from most of the routes, even ancient ones. It rests dreamy in the middle of a concave field; a flock of houses settled in two rows, oriented perpendicularly to … Read more

A New Eye in the Sky

After a loooong time – spent mainly resting after the phenomenal experience of organising the International Kite Festival IKF Slovenia 2022 in Murska Sobota – we went back to our beloved Ljubljana Marshes. We wanted to get back into the KAP game, to check out the behaviour of a new delta (called Cindy in honour … Read more

Previous Kite Aerial Photography Adventures

As it is rather difficult to smoothly post our previous KAP adventures from our previous website, here is the link to them all:   All upcoming KAP and kite related stuff will of course be posted here. Enjoy these blasts from the past! 😉