A Classic Polje

Polje is a cool word in English language. It is borrowed from Slovene – where it means ‘a field’ – and is a terminus technicus for a ‘karst field’, a large flat-bottomed depression in a limestone area. Planina polje is a classic example of this geological formation. A 5 km by 2.5 km flat depression … Read more

Autumn Song

Les sanglots longs Des violons De l’automne Blessent mon coeur D’une langueur Monotone. It was a great day: a sunny, windy, colourful, warm late October day, perfect for flying kites … yet the feel of this poem – Chanson d’automne by Paul Verlaine – seemed to permeate the air. Autumn is here, the winter is … Read more

Island at the End of Summer

Prvić – prvi means ‘the first’ in Croatian, as it is the first island in the Šibenik archipelago; the ancient Greeks named it Proteras, ‘primeval’, ‘first’, and Prvin the Slavic spirit of spring (again, being the first) can also be its namesake – is a cute little island, 3.1 km long and 1.4 km wide, … Read more