A Hidden Swamp

On Kostanjevica hill north of the village of Bevke on the western part of Ljubljana Marshes landscape park something strange is hiding in the middle of a dense spruce forest.q This hole in the forest is a really bizarre natural phenomenon, a quirk of geology, hidrology, and biology: an isolated raised bog called Mali plac. … Read more

A River of Many Secrets

River Ižica that slowly meanders across Ljubljana Marshes is a regular target of our kite aerial photography efforts. There are many reasons for that, and it being close, on a flat open marsh with acceptable wind patterns is probably even more important than the other one: the thousands of years of human history that have … Read more

Kite Catcher

A special category of kite aerial photography is taking shots of other kites in action. It is a difficult and challenging enterprise, requiring skill and patience: it’s about precision flying among many kite lines each of them eager to send your kite and camera crashing to the ground, while hoping the camera is aimed correctly … Read more

Kites Over the Hot Roofs of Zagreb

The pandemic is slowly receding and two of KAP Jasa kite club members – fully vaccinated, of course – finally got the opportunity to fly kites abroad! We were invited to Zagreb by the president of the Croatian Kite Association, and on a hot June weekend we packed some kites and drove to meet our … Read more

The Dreamy Beauty of Southern Carniola

River Krka, the largest river of Dolenjska – Lower Carniola – is the second-longest that flows in its entirety in Slovenia, and the largest tributary of river Sava in Slovenia. Krka springs out of Krka cave at the end of a pocket valley near the village of Krka., and flows through Suha krajina region in … Read more