A Strange Creature Above the Marshes

We went back to Kozler forest in the Ljubljana Marshes landscape park – but this time we didn’t plan a kite aerial photography session. We invited a couple of friends to show them what a show can show kites make! photo Aleš Obersnel Masterpieces of Dr.Agon kites chief designer and kitemaker Janez Vizjak, together with … Read more

The Spark and the Rainbow

Our Old Blue Rokkaku was getting really old, and since it was the very first kite made by kitemaster Janez Vizjak of Dr.Agon kites, it was decided to preserve it before it would be lost in some freak kite accident. But we need a low-wind lifter, so master Vizjak made a new one called The … Read more

Order and Disorder

River Ižica is one of the few rivers on Ljubljana Marshes that are mostly untouched, flowing as it pleases, meandering aimlessly and freely – disorderly? – in a striking contrast to the straight, constrained, utilitarian canals that crisscross and drain the Marshes. There are many reasons for this, but the main is that Ižica is … Read more

Triple Bill Above Kozler’s Forest

It was a beautiful windy and appropriately sunny Sunday afternoon, and Kozler’s forest – a strictly protected natural monument on Ljubljana Marshes landscape park – is just a couple of kilometers away. Such an opportunity for a KAP session or two is not to be missed! Kozler’s forest (or Kozler’s Thicket) is the largest remnant … Read more

Not All Roads Lead to Rome

A chance look at the right part of a LIDAR map led to a two-part KAP session, over 500 multispectral kite aerial photos, hours of image processing, NDVI calculations and contrast enhancing, poring over maps plotting directions and trying to disentangle everything – and when it finally started to make sense a real archaeologist deflated … Read more