The Dreaded Delta Dive

Well, it actually wasn’t a delta kite, and it didn’t really dive – but it definitely looked dreadful … 🙂 We were at Ljubljana Marshes landscape park again, targeting river Ižica and the putative Roman road just beyond it, but our main goal was to test a remodelled delta of a unique Dr.Agon kites design. … Read more

Underground Movement

Remember the cursed swamps of Radensko polje that would just refuse to be photographed from a kite? We persisted – and seems seventh time it’s a charm … Look at that! 🙂 There is so much going on in this kite aerial view of the northern part of Radensko polje, a karst field near Račna … Read more

Magical Marshes

We just can’t get enough of them, can we … And it’s not just convenience – Ljubljana Marshes landscape park is just a short drive away, its vas open spaces and rather stable winds are perfect for kite flying – the thing is that the Marshes are full of natural and archaeological wonders, that they … Read more

Who Shall Love You, Polje?

Well, the people of Polje, at least – those who live in this nice, tranquil suburb of Ljubljana east of the city centre! A friend of us was celebrating her 50. birthday (in magnificent style, with a 50 km run in the morning!) and we came to colour the sky for her with kites. And … Read more

A Lake Too Far

There is a lake in this kite aerial photo … A wondrous, impermanent Karstic lake that is now mostly full after early spring rains: Petelinjsko lake near Pivka, Slovenia. But alas, it was too far from where the wind was strong enough to lift the kite and the camera … Here is a glimpse of … Read more

Cursed Swamps and Mellow Marshes

It’s a cursed place, this swamp on the northern edge of Račna karst field landscape park … This was the fifth time we visited this place, and the record is, well, less than satisfactory. The first flight was OK (early in our KAP career, still learning the basics). On the second visit there was no … Read more

A Coda to the Moving River

We talked about the intrepid Romans who (maybe) moved a substantial part of Ljubljanica river closer to a marble quarry of Podpeč … to end the story we went to the other side of Podpeč to check out how they connected the new channel with the old one. Just to put things in perspective – … Read more

Move Me a River

Oh my … as we went to Ljubljana Marshes landscape park again (for the gazillionth time) to do some kite flying, kite testing and of course kite aerial photography, we certainly did not expect this KAP session to be so cool. It was really amazing. A warm, soft, golden light of an early spring afternoon … Read more

Golden Hour at Ljubljana Marshes

This weekend was perfect for kite flying and kite aerial photography … we had a couple of great KAP sessions and got gigabytes of photos. And this session was the most beautiful of them all. Most of the words we’d use to describe it would feel superfluous, so – here are Ljubljana Marshes in their … Read more