Good Riddance, 2020 – and Happy 2021!

What shall we say about this bizarre, long, awful year? And it started so well … Girls dance at the opening ceremony of 31st IKF Gujarat 2020; Saputara, Gujarat, India. Photo Ragvanj Nikuni We had such a fantastic time flying kites in Gujarat, India … we met old friends and made new ones, and the … Read more

Flying Kites on Independence Day

On 26th of December Slovenia celebrates Independence day – the day in 1990 the results of a plebscite showed almost everyone living in Slovenia (95 % of those who voted and 88 % of all eligible voters) wants it to be an independent country.. So the day after Chistmas is a holiday here – and … Read more

Blue River

Days were passing by and the bleak November turned into the bleak december … Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December … and it looked as if you’d ask the Raven will the wind blow again o’er this wretched land, the ominous bird would just quoth … Nevermore. But then, three weeks … Read more