Autumn in Ljubljana – Part 1

This was a quick and neat KAP session in Tivoli City Park just outside Ljubljana Centre proper … the wind was strong, the park was almost empty due to pandemic restrictions, it was a nice flight. The Picavet we used is designed for two cameras (usually a near-infrared and a conventional one), so flying it … Read more

A Helluva Fight over the Forest

Kozler’s forest is the largest remnant of once extensive forest bogs of Ljubljana Marshes. It’s a beautiful and kinda mysterious place, and with the vast fields around it it’s a great kite flying and kite aerial photography spot. When, of course, the wind isnt’ that crazy. The wind was strong that sunny autimn afternoon, but … Read more

The Castle and the Saint

In late 3rd century AD a guy from Tergeste converted to Christianity and since it was the time of Persecutions of Nurian, hid in a cave on the Karst edge high above the town. While he got spiritual guidance in that cave, he also got arrested and was executed, probably in 284 AD. His name … Read more

A Church Above a Blind Valley

Materija lowland is a long dry limestone valley in the southwestern Slovenia, leading from the Karst edge above Trieste towards Rijeka and the Kvarner gulf. The streams that flow from the unpermeable flysch hills of Brkini that created deep blind valleys on contact with the limestone disappear into karst underground. And on the edge of … Read more