Autumn on a High Plateau

We went – again – to the high karst plateau of Bloke south of Ljubljana to catch the last warm sun rays and the nice wind that caresses the forested landscape – and try to survey a purported little Bronze Age hillfort. Bloke high plateau in its golden autumn glory While the hillfort proved elusive … Read more

Saint Lawrence of Thousands of Years

The legend of Laurentius, one of the seven deacons of Rome, is quite amusing (for a martyrdom story) – when he was tortured on a gridiron over the fire, he called out: “Turn me over, I’m well done on this side!” … Thus he is a patron saint of cooks and comedians. Saint Lawrence is … Read more

A Polje and a River

Planina Polje – Planina karst field – is a classic example of this geological feature – a flat-bottomed depression over which a river Unica slowly meanders from its emergence from the Planina cave towards the sinkholes at the other end of the field. Kite aerial view towards the southern end of Planina polje Last time … Read more