Doing Archaeology, Finding Beauty

A part of Ljubljana Marshes northeast of the village if Ig towards Škofljica is a truly fascinating place … Mainly because thousands of years ago the Pile-dwellers lived here in houses built on stilts over the ephemeral lake. As much as eight distinct pile-dwellings were discovered here in an area just 1 by 0,5 km, … Read more

A Kite Above a Nuclear Reactor

In the sixties Slovenia was ready to go nuclear, and the efforts culminated in the 730 MW Nuclear Power Plant near Krško, built jointly by Slovenia and Croatia, that went online in 1981. . But the first step in going full nuclear was acquiring a small research and training reactor called TRIGA (Training, Research, Isotopes, … Read more

Playing with Infrared – and MASAG α in the Air

Marshes are a perfect target for infrared kite aerial photography, as the interplay of plants and water create an intricate web of patterns when seen in near-infrared light. This can be used for monitoring of such a fragile ecosystem, because the NIR/visual photography brings out small differences, either seasonal or random, like water level changes, … Read more

Flying Kites in Gujarat

What a time we’ve had … Dancers at the opening ceremony of IKF Gujarat 2020 in Saputara. Photo by Nikunj Raghvani. Team KAP Jasa was again invited to Gujarat, India – to represent Slovenia at of the largest kite festivals in the world, International Kite Festival Gujarat 2020. The festival took place in Ahmedabad and … Read more