Last Flight of the Decade

Well, we sun went down too soon, it was cold as hell, and the landscape of Ljubljana Marshes is rather bleak this time of year … In this bend of Iscica river the remains of Neolithic pile-dwellings were found, and the place is a part of Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps UNESCO World Heritage … Read more

Tough Bloke

How’s this for a misleading title, eh? Bloke [‘bloːkhe] refers to a high plateau south of Ljubljana, Slovenia – a wild, forested and pristine piece of nature that was once a cradle of skiing in Central Europe; a gently undulating land lying between 700 and 850 meters above sea level. This kite aerial photography session … Read more

End of Drought

For over one MONTH (!) the weather conspired against our core business, Kite Aerial Photography. The draught finally came to an end – over an aptly flooded Planina karst field. But it wasn’t just a kite aerial photo op that brought us here. KAP Jasa Kite Society was invited again to represent Slovenia’s kite flying … Read more